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H11 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 12000LM CANBUS for High or Low Beam 6000K White

H11 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 12000LM CANBUS for High or Low Beam 6000K White

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H11 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 12000LM CANBUS for High or Low Beam 6000K White


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2-Year Warranty when ordering from 9th, Dec.

  • Better Visibility: Equipped with advanced ZES LED chips. 26W, 6000lm per bulb. Provides excellent 360° illumination. No dark spots or shadowed areas, high brightness, and far light distance will help you see wider and farther

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  • Safe Beam Pattern: The H11 LED bulbs adopt the same halogen filament position design. Perfectly match the halogens’ beam pattern with a clear cutoff point. And the light is focused down the road so does not blind or glare oncoming traffic. Road eligible

  • Hassle-free Installation: No external driver and wires. Built-in EMC system to reduce the possibility of radio interference and error code for 98% of vehicles. The h11 led headlight bulbs are sized to perfectly fit your original headlights’ housing. Just plug and play
  • Super Longer Lifespan: the high-speed silent cooling fan and whole aviation aluminum lamp body, help to dissipate the heat generated from the LED chips rapidly and effectively. It ensures the bulbs work steadily and continuously up to 50,000 hours

  • High Quality and Standard: IP67 waterproof, stable daily use and safe driving can be secured in various weather conditions. Please note: although CAN-Bus ready, some sensitive models of Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, etc. may require additional CAN bus decoder to be installed

Customer Reviews

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What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2009 GMC Sierra 3500 Diesel 4x4
Great lights for the prices.

So far I've had no problems with the lights I have ordered here it was the H11's. I use my 09 gmc commercially and while the lights do have some shadowy spots towards the center of my truck it's not very noticeable considering I have a brush guard also. I've had them installed for a little over a month so far and considering I mostly drive nights I have yet to have any problems. Very easy to install once I moved a few things out of the way so I can get into the housing to replace the bulbs I never had any codes pop on me or anything it could be because of my truck being diesel or not im not sure since I've heard some people have codes pop I haven't had any so that's a huge plus for me. As of today 4/16/21 no problems and light are still just as bright honestly one of the best investments I've made for buying bulb replacement im glad I switched from halogen to these plus and play LEDs, they were good priced and they seemed durable when I pulled them out of the box. Even had a cooling fan on the back to keep Temps low on the bulbs so they don't start messing up. All in all a great deal If your after a brighter headlight at a very reasonable price that won't break the bank like alot of hother higher priced LED conversion kits will. I will definitely be ordering more for my other vehicles and to replace my HI beams when I have a chance since all I did was the lows considering I don't use my HI's hardly ever. The reason for the 4 star rating though is because the box was a little damaged when it arrived which could have been from the carriers and because there is a bit of a show effect towards the middle or the grill where the light isn't bright enough to overlap and the bottom of where the light shines. But if you have led fog lights that negates the effect by a huge amount. Honestly one of the best bulb buys I've have made in a very long time though and I can't wait for the rest to come in so I can conversion my other vehicles to these seemingly amazing bulbs. So far so good and that's great for me. Pictures are when I installed the lights after pulling my brughhuard off to clean and repaint it I'll upload one with my full set up, I drive 90% of my time at night going through the mountains.

What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2018 Nissan Rouge
H11 and H9 low and high beams

Really good quality. Can't even hear the fans running. Bright and efficient. Love them!


H11 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 12000LM CANBUS for High or Low Beam 6000K White


H11 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 12000LM CANBUS for High or Low Beam 6000K White

What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2011camery

Makes driving a lot better

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