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2017-2020 Hyundai Ioniq LED Bulbs

2017-2020 Hyundai Ioniq LED Bulbs

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2017-2020 Hyundai Ioniq LED Bulbs


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LED Bulbs Upgrade Kit for 2017-2020 Hyundai Ioniq

Owners of Hyundai Ioniq often complain that the factory halogen bulbs are very dark. They cannot see the road when driving on a dark road, and it is difficult to find the entrance to the driveway. So they are afraid to drive at night because it is dangerous. Are you still worrying about the dim Hyundai Ioniq halogen bulbs? AUXITO LED kit upgrades the original halogen bulbs to LEDs, giving you a completely different experience. It not only improves visibility, so you don’t have to worry about dark roads at night, but it also gives your Ioniq a new look.


LED Bulbs replacement model & technical specifications

9005 Forward Lighting High Beam for 2019-2020 Ioniq

By Alec
Very easy install and bright enough to where it won’t blind other drivers! I recommend this product over your stock LED bulbs. You will definitely be happy with these LEDs once you see their performance!


H7 Forward Lighting Low Beam

auxito h7 led headlight bulbs

  • High Brightness - AUXITO H7 LED headlight uses customized ZES chips, 12000LM, 52W per set, 200% brighter than halogen headlights.
  • 360 Degree Lighting - The LED interval of the bulb is about 0.08in, ultra-thin design. 360-degree illumination and no dark spots.
  • 6500K Cool White - Bright white light gives better visibility. No foggy light.
  • Perfect Beam Pattern - The shape and size of the LED chips are close to the filament of halogen bulbs to ensure a perfect beam pattern.
  • CANBUS Free - Built-in intelligent IC driver, solves most computer system problems, compatible with most vehicles.
  • Dual Beam Design - Suitable for high beam and low beam (Hi/Lo) replacement, 2 bulbs in one package.
For some sensitive vehicles, we recommend using the supplied wiring harness extension and inserting it into the bulb before installation.

    1157 Front Turn Signal Lights 

    • Built-in Load Resistors &IC Driver. Canbus error-free, plug-and-play. Wide Voltage & constant current.
    • Standard 1157/2057 base, it almost the same size as halogen bulbs. Super bright LED interior light, +320% BRIGHTER THAN STOCK BULB. 
    • Full aluminum housing with projection lens for maximum light output and better heat distribution, built-in constant current IC for longer life span & low power consumption.


    1156 Rear Turn Signal Lights 

    • Canbus ready: The 1156 BA15S led turn signal light bulbs built-in upgraded IC driver, anti hyper flash, and error-free for 90% vehicles. Do not need load resistors in addition. Plug and play like original bulbs. 25W per bulb, amber yellow light. For some sensitive vehicles, load resistors may be needed.
    • High brightness: AUXITO 1156 BA15S led bulb uses 24 pcs 3020 LED chips for 360° illumination. 300% brighter than a halogen bulb. The light source is closer to the halogen bulbs', good beam pattern.
    • Good cooling system: Whole aviation aluminum lamp body and hollow out body design give the LED turn signal light efficient heat dissipation. Ensure the secure temperature range and 40,000 hours of life span.


    921 912 Back-Up Light Bulb

    • 3pcs 3030SMD + 15pcs 4014SMD series is an extremely efficient 18-SMD LED providing a very good color, the brightest LED chip on the market. Long-lasting, low energy does not zap your power supply, faster on/off response time, unique, vivid color, simple to fit.
    • Best choice for replacing the vehicles Back up reverse lights.
    • 10 times brighter than 5050 SMD LED.


    T10 License Plate Light Bulbs/ 194 Map Light Bulbs

    • Extraordinary quality, low power consumption, eco-friendly.
    • 1pcs 3030SMD + 12pcs 4014SMD, for 360 degree illumination, no dark spot.
    • Universal T10/194 connector. Improved plug, sit tightly into the original sockets.
    • Built-in intelligent IC driver. Ensures constant current& CANbus error-free for 95%+ vehicles.
    • Built-in intelligent IC can adjust the temperature according to the environment automatically.
    • Hollow inner body design ensures fast heat dissipation.
    • Aviation aluminum material for a longer lifespan.


    31MM Dome Light Bulbs

    6000K xenon white, our LED bulbs are comparable to OEM-sized halogen bulbs and fit directly into multiple bulb size sockets.
    Each bulb has 6 pcs Special Customized 3020 led chips, high brightness but low consumption. Built-in intelligent IC driver, CANBUS error-free design. Aluminum cover for fast heat dissipation.


    1157 Red Brake light

    • Resembling halogen bulb shape design and sequencing 54 4014-SMD LED chips precisely around the bulb. Delivering 360° high luminous efficiency with full 1300 lumens white light. Total 2600lm Extremely bright.
    • 5.5W per bulb. Only 1/4 energy consumption of original bulb but 2 times brighter. Built-in smart IC driver ensures constant current, no radio interference. Plus Instant-On capability with zero warm-up time.
    • Electroplating process housing. Improve oxidation resistance and produce less heat. High-grade shape, matching great in the assembly. Ideal replacement for your halogen bulbs
    • Can be used as a backup light, tail light, brake light, etc.


    If you need the other LED bulbs, please check the model user manual or contact us by mail at

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