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Hyundai Sonata Bulb Size Guide

The Hyundai Sonata is spacious, efficient, and handles excellently on any terrain. By using LED lights on the Sonata, you automatically improve driver visibility at night and in bad weather and give the car a modern look. The driver is accorded a safer drive, especially in the not too clearly lit roads at night. AUXITO is able to custom design LED bulbs to the shape of the car during the manufacturing process so that they take up less space.

2020 2017-2019 2015-2016 2011-2014
Headlight Bulbs High Beam / 9005 9005 H7
Headlight Bulbs Low Beam / 9005 9005 H8
Headlight Bulbs Low Beam H7
Fog Light Bulbs / / H8
Back-Up Light Bulbs T15 T15 T15 T15
Front Turn Signal Light Bulbs 1157 1157
Rear Turn Signal Light Bulbs 1156 1156 1156
Brake/Tail Light Buls 1157 1157
License Plate Light Bulbs T10 T10 T10 T10
Front Side Marker Light Bulbs / T10 T10 /
Rear Side Marker Light Bulbs T10 /
Map/Dome Light Bulbs 31mm 31mm / 31mm
Trunk Light Bulbs 36mm / / 36mm
Vanity Mirror Light Bulbs 36mm / / /

Didn't find your vehicle? Use the bulb finder system to get the bulb size.