About us

Dare to say that AUXITO Automotive Lighting is yours ahead of the ultimate choice.

Founded in 2016, AUXITO believes that technology is limitless, so we strive to produce and sell LED light bulbs that maximize the safety and stylish driving experience.

Carefully select and create car lamp accessories, to provide consumers with more car lamp model choice. Our business philosophy supports this vision by offering a variety of well-designed, functional and quality technical products in the AUXITO online store, which will be affordable to as Many people as possible.

Through best practices and our rich experience in the upgrading of automotive lights, we have established our own brand-independent official website -AUXITO.COM, which can together communicate with customers directly.

Our products are designated in China and manufactured in our factory. Our team of experts conducts thousands of tests each year on all types of vehicles for plug and play installations. We provide you with the best-LED quality at a reasonable price.

More than 15 professional automotive lighting designers to keep the AUXITO product design at the leading level. Meanwhile, we have overseas warehouses in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The distribution speed and guarantee or return policy has been a satisfying service. The purpose is to better serve AUXITO consumers.

AUXITO is designed to match your existing traditional light bulb patterns, ensuring safety for you and other road users. Even the increased brightness of high-powered LEDs does not cause them to glare and hinder other road users.

From innovative product release, brand positioning, marketing to long-term strategic planning, to establish brand awareness; We use multi-faceted approaches to improve brand interactions with past, present, and future customers.

To us, the pursuit of safety and driving experience of car owners is more than an ideal. This is what we do...

Our brand official website - AUXITO.COM