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AUXITO Canbus Error Free 921 LED Bulb for Backup Reverse Light

AUXITO Canbus Error Free 921 LED Bulb for Backup Reverse Light

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AUXITO Canbus Error Free 921 LED Bulb for Backup Reverse Light


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2-Year Warranty when ordering from 9th, Dec.

  • 【Best Heat Dissipation 】All aircraft grade aluminum housing optimize for the rapid heat sink. Ensure the secure temperature range and consistent brightness out to reach a long LED bulb life up to 50,000 hours.
  • 【Super Bright】8.4W/bulb. Wide Voltage:12-24V DC. 1200 lumens per bulb. 200% brighter than the original halogen bulb.
  • 【Application 】ONLY used for backup reverse lights. FIT 921, W16W, 912, 906, 904, 902 , T15 (Pack of 2 Bulbs)
  • 【Easy Installation 】Mechanical bulb size fits most of the housing. Non-polarity design, Just plugs, and play. Canbus error free except a few sensitive vehicles.
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  • High-Quality 2020-SMD LED Chips
Most advanced LED type.Superior illumination & stability.
  • Best Heat Dissipation
Full aluminum body with screw thread head design. Rapid heat Dissipation & longer Lifespan.
  • Non-polarity

Plug-n-Play. Fits directly into multiple bulb size sockets such as 921 912 902 etc.


Improve the light performance

AUXITO specializes in providing high performance LED bulbs for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, etc. Our mission is to bring you a safe and comfortable experience with our high quality & performance LED bulbs.


- LED Chips Type: 2020

- Wattage: 8.4W

- Color: 6500K Xenon White

- Lighting Output: 1200 lumens per bulb

- Voltage: DC 12V-24V

- Beam Angle: 360 degree

- Operating Life: Up to 50,000 hours

- Installation: Plug and Play

Note: Pls check the correct bulb size before your purchase. The bulb might throw the error code for some very sensitive vehicles with built-in Canbus system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
One bulb may be defective.---Updated 10/8

Glad to come across these lights because it can be very dark in the country and backing down drive to a desired spot difficult. Not the easiest or quickest job to replace in the 2008 Altima Coupe, but when done they shined brightly (daytime) so all was buttoned up. They made a great difference in seeing backup guides at night, but the passenger bulb seems about a third dimmer than the driver's. Wondering if one of the three LEDs is defective or if they can even work like that, but AUXITO doesn't answer the phone number on the box. It is easy to see in picture 1 that the old lights burned evenly so it would be nice to have even lighting back there with the LEDs. Besides, it just doesn't look right as picture 2 shows. Not sure how to proceed at this point.10/8. In a reply to my email AUXITO (who had been on vacation) suggested I switch the bulbs to see if the same condition would occur. After reading most of the reviews of the bulbs and getting the opportunity to take the Altima apart again, I was able to verify that all six (three per bulb) LEDs were burning. Then I took the passenger side bulb, rotated it 180 degrees (which was from the reviews, but makes no sense to me) and put it in the driver's side. The driver's side bulb was replaced without any rotation. Again I verified all LEDs were burning and put the car back together. After dark I was pleased to find that the bulbs are now shining with reasonably equal brightness (see third picture). I can't explain it and don't pretend to try, but, hey! Don't know how to help others because I was not able to tell the difference between the brightness of the bulbs in the daytime, but it became readily apparent in the dark. Anyway, I appreciate AUXITO getting back with me and they made it clear that they are committed to their bulbs and their customers. The bottom line? These bulbs accomplish what I need and I would recommend them to anyone needing to see a good fifty feet back in reverse in serious country dark.

Worth it

so far so good, easy install and very bright

Great product

I absolutely love these lights. The light on the right is the old LED lights where the one on the left is the product I am currently reviewing. As you can see WAAAAY BRIGHTER. Really impressive and hopefully they later a good long time

Now you will be able to see behind you.

My backup light cover is 3�?x 4�? The stock light barely illuminated the space behind me and it was very hard to see anything. These new AUXITO 921 912 LED Bulb Canbus Error Free Super Bright 2020 SMD 2400 bulbs are great. I can see about 30 feet behind me and also to the side. Very bright, probably brighter than a standard headlight.

Just 1 of these little led bulbs is powerful enough to put the entire xray sector out of work!

These bulbs will seriously violate your eyes!I purchased these to upgrade the reverse lights for my 2008 Mustang GT.I had zero fitment issues for my application .These bulbs can be installed either direction.If it's not as bright as you were expecting. Just take the bulb out and flip it over. Just make sure your wearing your welding mask.They have been installed 1 day. But I'll update my review should they stop working.

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