The Brightest AUXITO 9012 LED Headlight Bulbs Mini Size 80W 16,000LM Per Pair CanBus Ready

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The Brightest AUXITO 9012 LED Headlight Bulbs Mini Size 80W 16,000LM Per Pair CanBus Ready

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  • These 9012 led headlight bulbs are DC 12V-24V, 40W and 8,000lm per bulb, 6500k white, super focused and stable light output, 400% brighter than stock 9012 bulbs, compatible with 9012 and hir2 sockets
  • Perfect beam pattern. 0.079in ultra-thin copper board for 360° illumination, helps you see wider and farther, no blinding to oncoming traffic, don’t dazzle other drivers, ideal for drivers who looking for better visibility
  • Mini-sized lamp body. These non-polarity 9012 headlight bulbs are sized to fit your housing perfectly and can be plugged directly into your original factory sockets, no more modification on headlight housing or cover
  • Can-bus ready design makes 9012 led bulbs compatible with 99%+ vehicles’ system, an upgraded driver with built-in intelligent IC and temperature control ensures lamps working at the best status without error or radio interference
  • Whole aviation aluminum body and 12,000RPM turbo cooling fan provides the supercooling ability, which ensures a longer-lasting up to 5,0000 hours
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    • Fit socket: 9012 (hir2)
    • Power: 40W/bulb
    • Voltage: DC 12-24V
    • LED Type: LMP
    • Color Temp: 6500K
    • Luminous: 8,000LM/bulb
    • Lifespan: 50,000hrs
    • Body Material: Aviation Aluminum
    • Item Weight 13 ounces
    • Package Dimensions 6.8 x 5.8 x 2.1 inches
    • Manufacturer Part Number Mini-9012-HB-1908
    • OEM Part Number Compatible with 9012/HIR2 headlight socket
    • Bulb Type LED
    • Special Features Mini-sized 9012(hir2) led headlight bulbs, 360-degree illumination, 40W/bulb high output, 8000LM/bulb high brightness, CAN-BUS error-free, 50,000hrs long-lasting, Plug and play installation


      • Ultra-thin board design effectively simulates a 9012 halogen lamp’s beam pattern and solves the problem of focusing on unevenly or dark area problems.
      • The super focused and high light output provides a wider and farther visible range. No blinding to oncoming drivers, keep you and other drivers away from danger in the dark.
      • Almost 1:1 same size like halogen 9012 headlight bulbs, non-polarity plugs, perfectly fit into your original 9012 headlight housing, no modification or damages on headlight housing or cover.
      • Upgraded Can-bus error-free design and 40W per bulb high output make these 9012 headlight bulbs compatible with 99% of vehicles without error warnings or radio interference.
      • Aviation aluminum body combines with powerful turbofan and special copper board ensure superior durability up to 50,000 hours, waterproof and dust-proof design allows it to work continuously even in extreme conditions.
      • Why do we design these 9012 led headlight bulbs with independent drivers? We aim to keep the electronic components away from the heat source and ensure a long service time. The built-in smart IC ensures the best temperature protection and headlight performance.


      • 2X 9012 (hir2) LED headlight bulbs 
      • 1X Product manual 
      • 2X Nylon cable ties 


      • For very few sensitive vehicles, an anti-flicker harness may be still required in addition. 
      • Please check the owner's manual or the original bulb to confirm the correct bulb you need before placing it. For very few sensitive vehicles, anti-flicker load resistors(decoders) may be required in addition (purchase separately). But please note these 9012/hir2 led headlight bulbs will not be compatible with Dodge RAM/Challenger/Avenge, JEEP Cherokee and Chrysler 200/200s/300/300s vehicles' system, load resistors can't resolve the issue at present.


      Question: Will they fit my fiat 500 2015?
      Answer: Hi,
      Thanks for your question, these 9012 led headlight bulbs will fit.

      Question: How many bulbs will I get?
      Answer: Hi,
      You will get 2 pieces of 9012 led headlight bulbs, they are a pack of 2 :)

      Question: Will they fit for the 2018 Toyota RAV4?
      Answer: Hi,
      Thanks for your question, these 9012 led headlight bulbs will fit if your 2018 Toyota RAV4 has halogen headlights.

      Question: Do these have high & low beam functionality?
      Answer: Hi,
      Thanks for your question, these 9012 led headlight bulbs don't have high & low functions.

      Question: Will these fit a 2019 GMC Acadia?
      Answer: Hi,
      Thanks for your question, we checked these 9012 led headlight bulbs will fit, but it's better to check your owner manual to confirm :)

      Question: Any warranty for these headlight bulbs?
      Answer: Hi,
      We provide 2 years warranty on these 9012 led headlight bulbs.

      Question: I have a 2015 scion tc that takes 9012 bulbs. it shares low and high beam functions. will these do the job???
      Answer: I have a 2016 Scion iM, which takes the same bulb. Installed these and they work great, both hi/low beam, no error codes and no flickering.

      Question: Is the light beam pattern adjustable?
      Answer: Yes it can be turned to change the pattern.

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