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H7 LED Headlight Bulb, 60w 12,000LM/Set 6500K Xenon White Extremely Bright Hi/Low Beam

H7 LED Headlight Bulb, 60w 12,000LM/Set 6500K Xenon White Extremely Bright Hi/Low Beam

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H7 LED Headlight Bulb, 60w 12,000LM/Set 6500K Xenon White Extremely Bright Hi/Low Beam


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2-Year Warranty when ordering from 9th, Dec.

These bulbs are all in one designed, mini-sized, 12,000lm bright per set, plug and play, let you see far and wider at night without blinding oncoming drivers.

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auxito h7 led headlight bulbs

  • High Brightness - AUXITO H7 LED headlight uses customized ZES chips, 12000LM, 52W per set, 200% brighter than halogen headlights.
  • 360 Degree Lighting - The LED interval of the bulb is about 0.08in, ultra-thin design. 360-degree illumination and no dark spots.
  • 6500K Cool White - Bright white light gives better visibility. No foggy light.

h7 led headlight bulbs

  • Perfect Beam Pattern - The shape and size of the LED chips are close to the filament of halogen bulbs to ensure a perfect beam pattern.
  • CANBUS Free - Built-in intelligent IC driver, solves most computer system problems, compatible with most vehicles.
  • Dual Beam Design - Suitable for high beam and low beam (Hi/Lo) replacement, 2 bulbs in one package.
For some sensitive vehicles, we recommend using the supplied wiring harness extension and inserting it into the bulb before installation.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2016 zFord Fusion
    H7 extremely bright high beam

    Was an extremely tight fit in my wifes ford fusion but she couldnt be happier. I wouldnt recommend being in front of the beams tho lol

    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2001 Volkswagen Golf ( elderly lady)
    VW Golf LED

    I ordered a set for the low beam first to see how easy the install would be and how bright they would be. After driving for a couple weeks a ordered a set for the high beam. They give good coverage into the ditches and ahead of the car. I wanted a good set of lights to avoid hitting deer and so far they are doing well. The install was very simple

    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2020 Hyundai Tucson

    H7 Bulb

    The low beam projector lights are a dream due to the shape of the lights in the headlight moisture boxes, had enough room for proper ventilation from the light fan. Light output is very intense "Ghost In The Machine" viewed from a distance no dark spots. The projectors keeps light down from blinding on coming drivers. Lights are white and not halogen brown color. Very good low beam width coverage.

    One issue, but this is on all H7 bulb socket modifications, had to buy an adaptor which took several days to figure out the shape was needed. Then figure out which mounting prong on the adaptor socket to cut for proper fit and alignment of the led bulb in the projector assembly. Also cut a grommet cross wise in half and slide on to the led housing as a seal between the led housing and the H7 adaptor. to prevent dust entering in the projector assembly, This took a few hours on the first bulb and about 15 minutes on the second bulb due to learning experience. No glue or sealants were used in this modification. Close to a factory install. I am glad the led lights had wires and connectors to plug into the original car light sockets. Put all this in the moisture box with no issues and plenty of room. If I have to go back to Halogen, very easy, nothing cut or modified with the original light sockets, Hope they last a lot longer than halogens. My car battery appreciates its as well.

    Not crazy about H7 bulbs, Wish car manufactures' used more friendly lights such as 9005 in projector assemblies.

    LED lights rate a 5
    Installation rate a 3
    Overall rating of 4

    Very pleased with the product and fair pricing. Saved hundreds on upgrading to LED lights from the car manufacturer.

    Please keep up with new innovative light technology.



    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2008 Subaru Legacy
    Brightest H7 LED headlight bulbs for high and low beams

    Lights work amazing! No hot spots and they are very bright. My only complaint is that with my 08 Subaru Legacy, the factory headlight moisture cover did not fit back on the housing as the bulbs are little bulky

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