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Good light type, Low power consumption, and super bright lighting, the position of the light-emitting point is close to the original car halogen lamp.

No delay to light up, Faster on/off response time, low power consumption and high lighting, Good Quality And Durable, Easy to Install, Good-Feel.

Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours working hours, Adopt imported chips emit 360 degrees light can light up every corner, stable quality, long service life.

The model is the same as factory light, no need to change car wire rute, just Plug and Play, NO modification required A direct replacement part that easy to install, Plug n Play technology.

With High-purity brightness, strong penetrability and superior stability, Energy saving, environmental protection, through strict test, Use safer driving in the car, highly recommended.

Package :
2x LED Parking Light/Daytime Running light, Turn Signal Light Bulb

The LED bulb is a low power device, the following issues may occur if you want to use an LED bulb on some European vehicles: Hyper Flashing, No Flashing, or Error Code.
Those are NOT problems of LED bulb and NOT covered by warranty. You may simply add a set of load resistors (NOT included) to avoid those issues. can be solved with a decoder (decoder must be purchased separately)

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