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2016-2018 Toyota Rav4 LED Rear Turn Signal Bulbs Amber Yellow

2016-2018 Toyota Rav4 LED Rear Turn Signal Bulbs Amber Yellow

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2016-2018 Toyota Rav4 LED Rear Turn Signal Bulbs Amber Yellow


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Note: This is the latest series of fog lights. Currently, only Asian warehouses have stock. Once the order is placed, it is shipped from the Asian warehouse.
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  • High brightness: AUXITO 7440 led bulb uses 24 pcs 3020 LED chips for 360° illumination. 300% brighter than halogen bulbs. The light source is closer to the halogen bulbs', good beam pattern.
  • Good cooling system: Whole aviation aluminum lamp body and hollow out body design give the LED turn signal light efficient heat dissipation. Ensure the secure temperature range and 40,000 hours of life span.
  • Easy to install: Compatible with US standard and CK type, directly fit for 7443 7440 7441 7444 992 W21W sockets. Sit tight in the socket, no loose connection. Mini size design, no extra load resistor, fit the light housing perfectly.
  • No led on the tip: No blinding to other traffics. No waste of energy and no additional heat. Please note that the 7440/7443 led bulb can only be used as turn signal lights.
  • Compatible with 90% vehicles’ system: The 7440/7443 led turn signal light bulb is 25W per bulb, amber yellow light. For some sensitive vehicles, load resistors (decoder) may be needed.

    Product Specification
    Model: 7440/7443 turn signal light
    Power: 25W per bulb
    Current: 2.12A
    Voltage: DC12V-24V, for 12V cars only
    Color: Amber Yellow light
    LED type: 24pcs 3020smd
    Body material: Aviation aluminum 6063

    Package Includes
    -2X 7440/7443 LED bulbs

    Product Features

    -High light output: 360-degree lighting with 24 pcs 3020 LED chips, no blind spot, 300% brighter than stock 7440/7443 bulbs.
    -Aluminum Body: Whole aluminum lam body and unique hollow out design for better cooling ability. Long-lasting life up to 40,000 hrs.
    -Socket type: Compatible with 7443 7440 7441 7444 992 W21W, etc sockets.
    - Mini size: All in one design, no external resistor, space-saving, better fit the light housing.
    -Easy Installation: Non-polarity, standard and CK socket compatible, plug and play installation, completed in minutes.

    Warm Tips
    Please double check owners' manual or original bulb size to confirm before placing an order.
    Please follow the steps to check if the size of the bulb will fit your car.
    1. Check your owner’s manual or search automotive bulb fitment online to find the right bulb size for your vehicle.
    2. Take off the original bulbs on your car to double-check the size.


    Question: Does it work for Camry 2015 for front turn signal and rear turn signal?
    Answer: Yes, the bulbs can fit your Camry 2015 for front turn signal and rear turn signal. They are compatible with 7443 7440 7441 7444 992 W21W.

    Question: If I have regular led turn signals in the front and back and I use these in the back but keep my old Led for the front will it still hyper flash?
    Answer 1: Yes, I did the same and the hyper flash was still there so I switched both the front and rear. But I did buy a different set for the front that switches from white to amber when turning with the error-free hyper flash built-in.

    Answer 2: I have a QX80 with LED in front and replaced the rears with these. No hyper flash and look great. Of course, it might depend on your vehicle but works great in mine

    Question: Will these LEDs work for my 2007 Toyota tundra front turning lights? will these hyper flash?
    Answer: The 7440 led turn signal bulb can not fit your 2007 Toyota tundra front turning lights. You need 4157 le bulbs.

    Question: Will this fit a 2010 Toyota Corolla S?
    Answer: No, the 7443 7440 led turn signal bulb can not fit your 2010 Toyota Corolla, you need 3157 led bulb.

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