LED Backup Reverse Light Free Given

We are going to give a LED Backup Reverse Light Bulb. Please check the following rules:

  • All the participants have the chance to win.
  • 30 winners will be chosen each time
  • Each person one participation only 

To join the event, please leave your name and email down below.

Our results can be sent any time, so we highly recommend you to subscribe us on Facebook, we will publish the event status there. 

Here comes the product:

  • Working voltage:12V-24V,Power:6w/pc, Current:550ma, Lumen:1400LM/bulb, Color:6000K Xenon White
  • Each bulb has 102 pcs high power 4014 led chips, with HD projector, stronger light penetration
  •  360 Degree lighting ensures optimal visibility, hollow inner body design better for heat dissipation
  •  Used for backup reverse lights, compatible for both CK and US standard socket:3156,3157,3056,3356, 3456, 4156, 3047, 3157A, 3057, 3155, 3157NA, 3357, 3457, 3457A, 4057, 4114, 4157 etc. If the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity)

      PS:If you find the light also fits the car of anyone you know, please remember to share the event.

      Enjoy the events, we will bring you the good news soon!