AUXITO LED-Turn-Signal-Light-Bulbs 3157-LED-Bulbs 2019 Latest Design

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AUXITO LED-Turn-Signal-Light-Bulbs 3157-LED-Bulbs 2019 Latest Design

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  • Resembling halogen bulb shape design and sequencing 54 4014-SMD LED chips precisely around the bulb. Delivering 360° high luminous efficiency with full amber light. Much easier noticed when driving.
  • 5.5W per bulb. Consuming less power. Built-in smart IC driver ensures constant current, no radio interference. Plus Instant-On capability with zero warm-up time.
  • New aluminum plating process. Produce less heat. Improve oxidation resistance. High-grade shape, matching great in the assembly. Ideal replacement for your halogen bulbs.
  • Small size is comparable to OEM bulbs. Non-polarity applied to US standard and CK sockets. Fits: 3056 3156 3157 3157K 3057 4057 4157 etc.
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  • Bright: More than triple brighter than stock dim halogen/incandescent 3157/ 3156 lamp
  • Energy Saving: Our 3157 LED bulb draw about 5.5W yet the stock lamp draws about 28W. Led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamps. Lower power consumption
  • Best Light Performance: Each bulb equips with 54 pieces of high power premium quality and high illumination 4014 SMD led chips. 360° full angle degrees light output, the same light theory as the stock lamp for the best light performance.
  • Longer Lifespan: Built-in Intelligent IC driver for better stable current performance and heat dissipation for a longer lifespan
  • Wide Application: Fit T25 wedge base, Cross reference number: 3156, 3056, 3156A, 3156AK, 3156NAK, 3047, 3047K, 3057A, 3057ALL, 3057, 3057ST, 3057K,3057X, 3057, 3057LL, 3155, 3157A, 3157AK,3157,3157K,3157X,3157LL,3157ST,3157KX, 3157NA,3157NALL,3357A, 3357, 3457A,3457, 3457K, 3457NA,3757A,3757AK, 4057, 4057LL, 4057K, 4114, 4114K, 4157, 4157LL, 4157K, 4157NA, 5702A etc.


  • Color: Amber Yellow / Red / White
  • Working Voltage: DC9V-16V (Fits 12V Vehicles)
  • Current:0.45A 
  • Power:5.5W 
  • LED Chip Type:54pcs 4014SMD 
  • Application: Used for upgrading stock dim 3156 / 3157 turn signal light rear/front, side maker light etc; Used for upgrading stock dim 3156 / 3157 brake stop tail light, center high mounted stop light etc.

Important Notice: 

  • Please double check your owner manual or the stock lamp to confirm the correct bulb size (cross-reference number) before purchasing. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us, we are willing to help!
  • For some vehicles, extra 50W 6-ohm load resistors/flash relay may be required to avoid the error code or hyper flash issue.


Question: Do I need a resistor for my blinkers on my 2009 gmc sierra?
Answer: Hi, If it was a halogen going to led for your 2009 gmc sierra, the 50W 6ohm resistors are needed in order to keep the blinker operating at normal speed.

Question: Do I need resistors when replacing these on my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500?
Answer: Hi, they will fit as the turn signal light. For the 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. The extra load resistors will be required to avoid the signal hyper flash as this happens due to the led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamps.

Question: I drive a 2013 ford f150, how will I know if I need load resistors
Answer: You will need the resistors when your car has hyper-flash or CAMBUS system give you an alert that bulb is out.

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