Why we need LED lights?

Why we need LED lights?

There are three types of lights on the car, halogen lights, HID lights and LED lights.

Many cars use Halogen Lights as default.

Halogen light is one traditional light which is used worldwide and for a long history. It is also used in our home. 

The price makes it become the first choice for the car factories.


Compare on brightness, the halogen light is not as bright as HID light and LED light.

The luminous flux can be 3000 Lumen on LED lights, but only 1300 Lumen on Halogen Lights.

The HID light is much brighter than the halogen light, too.

Brightness means safety, so brighter lights are needed on every car.


Compare with the starting time, HID light needs 3 to 8 seconds to light up, which makes it dangerous sometimes. The other two lights are much faster.

So halogen light and LED light are better in an emergency.


After that, we need to save the energy, the less energy you use, the more fuel you save.

In this case, LED light requires less energy, produce less heat and does no harm to the car battery.


LED light also beats the other two in service life, it has a 50000 hour working time. This number is 400 hours on halogen light and 2000 hours on HID light. Because of this, LED light can save you more money.


Above all, LED light is bright, energy saving, light up quick and long service life, it is the perfect choice to replace the halogen light on your car.


LED technology makes your daily driving safer.

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