How to Choose LED Light for Your Car

How to Choose LED Light for Your Car

Nowadays, LED light is popular. Replacing the default halogen light becomes a good choice, the brighter light also makes your daily driving more comfortable and safer.

But when we look up on Amazon, there are so many LED lights, how to choose the good one is a huge problem.

Today, we are going to share some tips with you.

To find out the good LED light, there are four most important details you need to check, luminance, beam angle, color temperature, and cooling system.

  • Luminance

Luminance depends on the LED bulb. Good bulb produces high luminance light and makes it stable.  Bulbs from Philips and Cree are thought as the best by the public.

  • Beam Angle

Beam Angle means the light angle and the light shape.   A good LED light has an appropriate beam angle, divides the light area into dark and bright, makes sure the drive can see the road clearly and the light won’t blind on-coming traffic.

  • Color Temperature

Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that has important applications in lightingphotographyvideographypublishingmanufacturingastrophysicshorticulture, and other fields. 

Stay shows that the color temperature from 4300K to 6000K is best for LED lights on cars, the light in this zone has both brightness and penetration. Then rain and fog won’t bother the driver anymore.

  • Cooling System

A good cooling system means a longer service life. The cooling system on LED lights can be divided into two kinds, passive cooling, and active cooling. LED lights with a passive cooling system conduct heat by its metal body. But active cooling system uses an electric fan to cool the light much faster, in this case, your LED light will have a longer service life.

Above all, good LED lights have high luminance light, appropriate beam angle, 4300K to 6000K color temperature and active cooling system.

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